Knowledge Transfer

CERN’s scientific goal is none other than to contribute to discovering the secrets of the universe. To enable such an ambitious goal, one needs to design, build and operate some of the world’s most complex machines. These challenges require the establishment of interdisciplinary global collaborations in the forefront of scientific and technological development. In addition to serving scientific purposes, many of these developments lead to other major breakthrough innovations as well. Examples of such well-known CERN technology applications beyond science are the World Wide Web as well as PET (positron emission tomography) cameras – just to mention a few…

These technologies and associated knowledge are made available to others outside CERN through its Knowledge Transfer Group, led by Dr. Giovanni Anelli. As Anelli puts it, “Our mission is to maximise CERN’s positive impact on society.” Concretely, this means supporting spin-off and start-up companies, as well as collaborating with established firms. Anelli has experience from both business and research, and found the combined exposure enriching. “I encourage young talents to explore both worlds,” he adds.

Some of the brightest success stories of the CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group’s cooperation with the companies such as Advacam, Luvata, Mirion Technologies and Lightneer are presented in the event by the companies’ representatives.

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